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RodioKronsa was created by the merger of two prestigious companies in the geotechnical engineering field. With over 80 years' experience in soil engineering and special foundations, RodioKronsa offers bespoke expert solutions to meet the challenges of civil engineering today and the problems of ground-structure interaction.

Our group's ethical commitment to sustainability rests on ensuring customer satisfaction, maintaining standards of quality and safety, occupational risk prevention and respecting the environment.

The RodioKronsa group of companies is spread widely across the globe through its international subsidiaries and regional offices, enabling us to take part in some of the world's most important civil engineering projects, with the advantage of form part of the Company SOLETANCHE BACHY.

RodioKronsa  has an excellent staff of engineers and professional specialists in special foundations and subsoil work, whose ongoing training enables them to apply new and innovative technologies and solutions to construction work of all types: hydraulic works, underground car-parks, tunnels, restoration of heritage, the environment, soil improvements and instrumentation and monitoring of all types of works.


Quality policy,environmental,labour risks and research and develpment


Aenor Certificates